The program empowers students to:

  • Establish music and movement foundational skills through guided weekly instruction.
  • Cultivate cognitive growth in areas such as language development, spatial awareness, critical thinking and memory.
  • Practice self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making in alignment with the SEL standards.
  • Develop creativity and the ability to improvise. 

Teachers & Schools

The program gives teachers:

  • Ongoing support from a music and movement specialist.
  • Activity ideas to assist with classroom management.
  • Lesson flexibility based on individual classroom themes/units.
  • Weekly modeling of visual, aural and kinesthetic instruction.
  • Classroom set of CDs and curriculum guide including suggestions for regular classroom use.

The program provides schools with:

  • Stronger school to family engagement through music CDs and Family Events.
  • A curriculum aligned with Illinois social and emotional standards.
  • Engaging instruction for ELL and special needs students. 


The program empowers parents with:

  • Take home CDs of the music being learned by child in school.
  • Parent guide books with child engagement ideas.
  • Family Music Events to interact with child while creating music. 
  • Educational workshops highlighting at home music and movement activities. 
While our teachers were already using music with our children, this program is a whole different level of teaching technical skills while incorporating learning objectives in a fun way. And these technical skills are building brain development in areas like language skills, listening skills, spatial awareness, movement, rhythm, patterns, creative expression–key pieces to the puzzle of setting all of our kids up for success!
— Jaime Thomas Founder of Noble Day Care Center

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